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Bunny Yoga and Hoppy Hour

YogaBunny Yoga at Club Prior (located in Prior Lake) is as cute as it sounds! These lovable bunnies are free to hop and mosey about the room, lounge on the yoga mats or snuggle up and pose with you! Club Prior is partnering with the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, Oxbow Animal Health and Blue Bunny Ice Cream on this great event.

The yoga class is open to ages 18+. Families of all ages are invited to join us at Club Prior where you will be able to socialize with the volunteers and their rabbits, learn about cultivating behavioral, medical, social, mental and emotional needs of rabbits and find out more about the opportunities of the adoption process in finding the right forever home.

Saturday, September 9
10:00 - 11:00 - YOGA (BYOM bring your own mat)
11:00 - 12:00 - HOPPY HOUR
$25 (Ages 18+)

We need volunteers!
We're looking for volunteers to educate event attendees, even if they don't plan to do yoga. We're looking for volunteers who can help out at the event AND bring their bunny to participate in the bunny yoga and hoppy hour portion. Please contact Alex at Alexandra.hedin@gmail.com if you and your bunnies (or bunny) can help.

Please call Club Prior to pre-register at 952-447-9783. Space is limited. Hope to see you there!


Nomiate MCRS for a chance to win $5,000!

Oxbow Small animal rescue organizations work hard each day to provide for the needs of the animals in their care. For many of these groups, finding the funding necessary to provide quality care can be a real challenge.

Nominate MCRS to win a share of $5,000! Submissions will be accepted July 17th to August 7th.


A Special Thank you

Guide By: Barb Kelley

I was asked last week about the organizational health of MCRS. In writing my reply I realized it was time to appreciate the amazing people who volunteer their time and love to improve the lives of rabbits everywhere. Many nonprofit organizations struggle to find volunteers to promote their mission, however, we have scores of dedicated people always ready to help.

I will start with Hannah, who stepped up when Luke resigned as president. She is doing an amazing job of holding us together as we search for a new president. And the Board is steadily working behind the scenes to keep us good. A sincere thank you to all of of you.

Thank you to the foster homes and foster leads. You are the first line of care. You pick rabbits up from shelters and animal controls. Many of our rabbits come with special needs, either heath or behavior, and it is up to you to start their healing and preparation for adoption.

Thank you to the Petco leads and socializers who spend time with the rabbits in Petco stores seeing to their health and happiness. You educate shoppers in the delight of rabbits. You are a positive public face promoting MCRS.

Thank you to the adoption team. You screen adoption applications and communicate with the adopters. You schedule and coordinate very busy adoption events introducing the adopters to our various rabbit personalities and helping them make the correct choice of a new family member. You sell supplies, perform health checks, trim nails, and help socialize the adoptable rabbits. You also follow up on every adoption.

Thank you to the education team. You teach Bunny Basics and rabbit educational programs at camps and schools. You respond to email and voicemail, write the newsletter, and manage the website and Facebook.

Thank you to the events team. You run Hoppy Hours and rabbit agility. You are bouncers, nail trimmers, check-in desk, educators, and set up/tear down team. You educate the public at pet store events, Walk for Animals, pet expos, and Pride Festival.

Thank you to the therapy team. You and your rabbits are visiting at Children's Hospitals, homeless shelters, nursing homes, memory cares, and schools for people with disabilities. You read in the libraries and visit college students during finals.

Thank you to the transporters who move rabbits between foster homes, Petcos, and adoption events. You drive transport for rabbits coming to us from other states. You take rabbits to vet appointments during the work day.

Thank you to the fund raising team. You search out grants and host events like Bowling for Bunnies. You sell chocolate rabbits, t-shirts, fleece blankets, calendars, and rabbit toys. Thank you to Bear who passed away three years ago but whose special basket at each Golden Valley Hoppy Hour raises much for her homeless friends at MCRS.

Thank you to everyone who manages supply ordering, maintains and cleans our South St. Paul event center, provides technical support, and does the hundreds of small jobs behind the scenes that help our organization run smoothly.

Because of each of you MCRS is healthy and strong. Because of you our Mission of Adoption and Educations is celebrated every day. Thank You!

hoppy endings and intakes

Nine bunnies found their forever homes in June and July: Kuzco, Robin Lynn, Robbie, T Jack, Carmen, Twig, Gremlin, Huffington, and Savannah.

Our newcomers in the months of June and July were: Apollo, Roman, Pumpkin, Mystic, Lido, Savannah, Pebbles, Copperfield, Peter, Eddie, and Opal.

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

Two Exciting Volunteer Positions With MCRS

Hoppy Hour Bouncers

Location: Urban Tails in Minneapolis
Date/Time: Hoppy Hours at Urban tails occur every other Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Description: Support the MCRS Hoppy Hour by monitoring Rabbits that are participating. Bouncers make sure that everyone (human and Bun) has a fun and safe time at Hoppy Hour by:

  • Setting up the Hoppy Hour space (arrive 15 minutes early)
  • Cleaning up after the rabbits as they play
  • Watching the Rabbits for any stressed or inappropriate behavior (and giving Rabbits breaks with their human when needed)
  • Cleaning up the Hoppy Hour Space (Takes approximately 20 - 30 minutes)

Hoppy Hour Volunteers can let their Bunnies play with the $3 fee waived!

Some Rabbit experience is helpful in this role, but any volunteers will be trained.

Hoppy Hour supports the MCRS mission through raising funds for our work. Volunteers are vital for a fun and safe Hoppy Hour that gives rabbits an opportunity for enrichment and owners a chance to connect!

Interested? Check out this link and sign up!

Foster Homes

There are over 1000 homeless rabbits in the Twin Cities every year. Each of these rabbits needs a place to stay until a permanent home can be found. MCRS works with shelters to take 'overflow' and special needs rabbits that are not doing well in shelters. Often, all these rabbits need is a less stressful environment, some one-on-one attention, or even just a little more time. Providing a foster home for one of these rabbits can be a very rewarding experience and literally saves a life!

If you are interested or would like more information about either of these opportunities contact us at info@mncompanionrabbit.org.

open volunteer positions

Other Ways to Help MCRS

Amazon Smile Amazon Smile

This is an easy way to support MCRS if you are an Amazon shopper! Use your log-in with their Amazon Smile program, and select MCRS to receive a 5% donation from your eligible purchases. You will find us listed by our IRS ID, "Companion Rabbit Network."


Our Amazon Wish List

Just add something from our Wish List to your next order and bring it along to Hoppy Hour or an Adoption Event!

You can view our Wish List here: http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/39W2LQYDSMSN6

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Special events

•Aug 5 Adoption Event in SSP
•Aug 6 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 9 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 11HH in Uptown
•Aug 13HH in Golden Valley
•Aug 14 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley
•Aug 16 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 19 Adoption Event in SSP
•Aug 20 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 22 Bunny Basics in Wodbury
•Aug 23 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 25 HH in Uptown
•Aug 27 HH in Golden Valley
•Aug 30 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Sept 2 Adoption Event in SSP
•Sept 3 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Sept 6 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Sept 8 HH in Uptown

see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


  supply sales

Did you know that in addition to hay and pellets we have a lot of other great items for sale?


Supply item

Rabbit Toys!
MCRS offers lots of different kind of toys for rabbit. The Slim Bun balls are great for the clever rabbit. For the pro-ball bun, we have footballs, soccer balls of the chewable kind. We have hideaways for the shy buns. Stop in today to see what special toy that would be perfect for your rabbit!

To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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