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Thank you!

Give to the Max
Give to the Max Day was a great success! Our grand total for Give to the Max Day was $5437!

You not only helped us beat our goal, but you did it with loads of glitches and site issues! Thanks to everyone that donated and shared our posts!

hare care

Potential Holiday Hazards

Holidayby http://www.peteducation.com/

The holidays are a happy time of the year, but present special challenges to owners of small pets. Keep your pets safe during the holidays. If your pet spends time out of the cage, have a safe exercise area in which he can play. Some rabbit owners actually put an exercise pen around the Christmas tree, to keep their bunny safe.

• Prevent exposure to electrical wires. Conceal them or use pet-proof covers.

• Prevent access to holiday plants. Never allow your pet unsupervised access to poinsettia, holly (leaves and berries), mistletoe, or other plants commonly used to decorate during the holidays.

• A decorated tree poses many hazards. Tinsel, garland, flocking, and artificial snow can be dangerous. The tree may also be coated with potentially harmful fire retardant, fertilizer, or insecticide. Low hanging lights and ornaments can be especially attracting.

• Many of the foods we set out during the holidays can be toxic to pets, including chocolate (bakers, semi sweet, milk, dark), sugary cookies, salty snacks, and other favorites left out for nibbling and, of course, alcoholic drinks.

• Perfumes, potpourri, adhesives, glues, aerosol sprays, and cleaning products can all be toxic.

• Tape, ribbons, and the inks and metals used in some gift-wraps could cause problems if eaten.

Read the full list of potential hazards and how to prevent accidents.

Tis the season for giving!

GiftsThe Holidays are upon us! Don't forget to get that special bun a little something. Rabbit toys are a great way to keep your rabbit active, exercised, and happy, especially during the times when you aren't able to be playing with them.

Take a look at these ten rabbit toys that are sure to entertain your bunny from exoticpets.com. Some even double as food, enrichment, and protection!

Check out this list of the top 10 gift ideas for your house rabbit from ilovemyhouserabbit.com.

Are you crafty or looking for homemade toys ideas for your bun? Check out these great ideas of DIY rabbit toys from bunnyapproved.com.

These options may take care of your bun, what about the rabbit lover in your life? Don't fear, we have you covered there as well! Check out this list of the top 10 gifts for the rabbit lover you know from ilovemyhouserabbit.com.

hoppy endings and intakes

Cancellation Anouncement

Due to the holidays the following events are cancelled:

Dec 24: Adoption Event
Dec 25: Hoppy Hour at SSP
Jan 1: Hoppy Hour at Golden Valley

We hope to see you soon at another event!

hoppy endings and intakes

4 bunnies found their forever home in November: Chiquita, Gary, Patience, and Remington Steele

Our newcomers in the months of November were: Gwen, Remington Steele, and Daisy

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

MCRS Is Seeking a President

President Role Summary
The President will work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to ensure that MCRS's fiscal, fundraising, public relations, volunteer development and program implementation are working to further the mission and vision of the organization. This role will typically require a 10 hour a week time commitment.


  • At least two years of nonprofit experience
  • Excellent communication skills with an ability to work effectively with a variety of volunteers, adopters and funders
  • Fundraising and fiscal oversight experience

Click here for more details on this position. If you are interested in this position, please contact us at info@mncompanionrabbit.org.

Foster Homes

The foster program is an essential part of our mission. Without our dedicated foster families we wouldn't be able to help the many rabbits we do each year. Providing a foster home for one of these rabbits can be a very rewarding experience and literally saves a life!

MCRS will supply all the equipment you will need - cage, litterbox, litter, food & hay. MCRS also covers any medical expenses for foster rabbits. Your only out-of-pocket expense is for the fresh greens & veggies you feed your foster rabbit - and even that is a tax-deductible donation!

All you need is:
•a space in your home for a cage & some play space for the rabbit.
•an hour or so daily to provide socialization and care.
•a willingness to learn about the proper care of rabbits.
•convenient access to email is strongly preferred.
•ability to transport rabbit to periodic adoption events is preferred, but not required.

Please contact MCRS at info@mncompanionrabbit.org if you are able to help. Thank you!

Volunteers are not just important to MCRS, they literally are MCRS. Volunteers do everything that needs to be done within the organization from picking up the mail to caring for homeless rabbits to keeping financial records to scooping litter boxes.

Interested in Volunteering? See all of our available volunteer positions on our website.

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Special events
•Dec 7 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Dec 10 Adoption Event in SSP
•Dec 11 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Dec 12 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley
•Dec 14 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Dec 18 HH in Golden Valley
•Dec 21 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Dec 25 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Dec 28 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Jan 4 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Jan 7 Adoption Event in SSP
•Jan 8 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Jan 9 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley
•Jan 11 HH & Supply Sales in SSP

see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


  supply sales

Did you know that in addition to hay and pellets we have a lot of other great items for sale?



Is your rabbit gnawing at everything but what you want them to? A great option would be the Snak Shak. This gives the rabbit something to chew on to help with their teeth and something that they can destroy. Many of our adoption volunteers recommend these to families when they are getting their new family member!

To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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