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Twin Cities Pride

herbert By: Barb Kelley

In memory and solidarity for the victims of the Orlando shootings our community rallied together for a weekend of friendship, support, and just plain fun.

In the middle of this was a small blue banner announcing booth # 0102; The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. Over 400,000 people smiled their way through the Twin Cities Pride Festival and most of them greeted and pet the rabbits. We shared rabbit stories until our voices went hoarse and still they wanted more. The prize goes to Jeremiah, who for two whole days repeated, "We are here to show you how special rabbits are." And to Lou for sitting next to him passing out brochures and sharing rabbit education. The crowd reacted with true interest.

herbertMany stepped up to volunteer. It takes the team to make this huge project such a success. Thanks as always to Julie and Lou, Jeremiah, Julie S, Jenna, and krista, Nicole O, Brenda and Chris, Joslyn, Amy B, Emily A, and Amanda S.

But the true stars are always the rabbits. Beemer and Realta who were still on the agility course at 96 degrees Saturday afternoon - tunnel - teeter, - arch. Cricket, Aine, Gingersnap, Luna, Dove, Juliet, Bonfire, Jasper, Dexter, Louise, Yancy, Tina Turner, Fawn, Nimoy, Murphy, Lorenzo, and Cheddar. The sat in buggies and wagons, strollers and boxes for hours with people adoring them. At the end of the day we put them in the pen and they did binkies and played happily. They are amazing!

hoppy endings and intakes

Katya Loahr Ukaegbu

herbertBy: Barb Kelley

One of our own is gone, Katya Loahr Ukaegbu.

This is our time;
To Celebrate the life of a girl who shared our love of rabbits.  
To Honor a life ended too soon and the family who loved her dearly.
To Remind us to take the time in our busy lives to hold dear all those we treasure.

And most especially to be aware of the people walking through our world. Distracted driving has taken way too many lives and broken way too many hearts. In a split second everything can change. A sunny summer day - young people laughing and talking; then tragedy. A driver's error and a young life is lostOn Monday June 27 at 1:12PM, Katya Loahr Ukaegbu was walking across the street from Forest Lake High School when she was struck and killed.

Katya and her mom Lora Ukaegbu and brother Alex were regulars at Golden Valley Hoppy Hour and are green band rabbit agility students. Katya's special rabbit is Snickers, a lovely brown lop. Lora is the smiling animated spokesperson in our Fox 9 newscast in May.

I asked Lora to share the person who was Katya:
"Katya was the most courageous person I have ever known. She lit up a room with her laugh and smile! She loved singing, band, music in general. She loved to read and especially loved her rabbits! She wanted to be a vet tech. Sadly this will not come to be. Animals and rabbits in particular were therapy for her anxiety and depression. They brought her through the highest and lowest points of her life!" - Lora Ukaegbu


herbertWe had to help our sweet Herbert (aka Quinn from the 2005 confiscation) to the Rainbow Bridge on June 1, 2016. He was almost 11 or 12 years old- pretty good for a "pocket pet!" Coming from a neglected start in life, it took us a year to bond him with our Holland Lop, Nemo. It was worth it- they became inseparable. Nemo gave Herbert love & courage & Herbert gave Nemo his trust. When Herbert had a major inner ear infection, Herbert would lean into Nemo to stop the head swaying. We love & miss you, Herbie Derbie. Thank you for everything MCRS does for the bunnies.

hoppy endings and intakes

Six bunnies found their forever home in June: Athena, Ghost, Lewis, Elbert, Kincaid, and Mona.

Our newcomers in June were: Midnight, Gemma, Elmer, Clover, Grover, Sam, and Kahl.

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

Foster Homes

The foster program is an essential part of our mission. Without our dedicated foster families we wouldn't be able to help the many rabbits we do each year. Providing a foster home for one of these rabbits can be a very rewarding experience and literally saves a life!

MCRS will supply all the equipment you will need - cage, litterbox, litter, food & hay. MCRS also covers any medical expenses for foster rabbits. Your only out-of-pocket expense is for the fresh greens & veggies you feed your foster rabbit - and even that is a tax-deductible donation!

All you need is:
•a space in your home for a cage & some play space for the rabbit.
•an hour or so daily to provide socialization and care.
•a willingness to learn about the proper care of rabbits.
•convenient access to email is strongly preferred.
•ability to transport rabbit to periodic adoption events is preferred, but not required.

Please contact MCRS at info@mncompanionrabbit.org if you are able to help. Thank you!

Volunteers are not just important to MCRS, they literally are MCRS. Volunteers do everything that needs to be done within the organization from picking up the mail to caring for homeless rabbits to keeping financial records to scooping litter boxes.

Interested in Volunteering? See all of our available volunteer positions on our website.

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Special events
•July 6 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 7 Bunny Basics in Woodbury
•July 9 Adoption Event in SSP
•July 10 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 11 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley
•July 13 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 15 HH in Uptown
•July 17 HH in Golden Valley
•July 20 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 23 Adoption Event in SSP
•July 24 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 27 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•July 29 HH in Uptown
•July 31 HH in Golden Valley
•Aug 3 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 4 Bunny Basics in Woodbury
•Aug 6 Adoption Event in SSP
•Aug 7 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•Aug 8 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley

see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


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Did you know that in addition to hay and pellets we have a lot of other great items for sale?



Are you looking for some rabbit safe toys? Come check out our variety. They were on sale, so we passed the saving on to you!

To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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