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Are Rabbits Low Maintenance Pets?

It's no secret to a lot of us that rabbits make wonderful pets, but if you've never had a rabbit before and you are thinking about getting one knowing more about them as pets and what to expect is important. Each month we will be sharing a video that features Actress Amy Sedaris, who is a loving mom to her own pet bunny, and rabbit expert Augy E. Cotter, Ed.D., LVT from the House Rabbit Society.

In this Month's video, learn if rabbits are low maintenance pets.


7 Rabbit Myths Debunked

As rabbits become a more popular pet, it's important that rabbit lovers promote awareness on the responsibilities, care, and misconceptions of rabbits and their care! Here are 7 common myths debunked from thebunnychick.com.

1. Carrots are a great food for rabbits. Rabbits require many different vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy – just like humans. They have a very precise diet that must be provided to keep your bunny healthy and happy! Carrots should only be fed in very limited moderation.

2. Rabbits are low maintence pets. Rabbits require a lot of care! People who own rabbits have to be on the ball when it comes to many things – diets, housing, bonding, etc. Rabbits require diets and care that must be researched extensively. If your housing is not larger than 4x4 feet, your rabbit will need 4-5 hours of daily "run" time to get their necessary exercise and interation. This includes spending time with you! Food intake, water intake, and weight should be monitored daily to help ensure your rabbit does not have any signs of a hidden illness (as prey animals – rabbits are notorious for hiding illness). Rabbits are a high maintence pet that require a large amount of research and a 15 year time commitment before making the decision to bring a bunny into your family.

3. Rabbits belong outside. Rabbits living quarters should remain at a steady temperature between 60 and 79 degrees Farenheit. This makes many outside conditions very unsuitable for housing rabbits. Rabbits also should remain inside due to the many parasites and dangers that lurk outside. Remaining inside also helps your rabbit build and maintain a wonderful and enjoyable relationship with you!

4. Rabbits enjoy being picked up and snuggled. Many rabbits detest being picked up or held. Rabbits are prey animals – due to this they prefer their feet flat on the ground where they can control the situation. There are a few bunnies that are accepting of this but it's good to understand up front that many, many bunnies are not okay with this!

5. Rabbits can be seen by dog and cat vets. Rabbits require a special vet – known as an exotics vet. Cat and dog vets are not adequately trained in exotics care and are typically not up to date on the latest research on exotics and rabbit care. Researching and finding an exotics vet prior to adopting your first rabbit is a must!

6. Rabbits are rodents. Rabbits are in the class lagamorph – they are distinctly separate from rodents mainly due to their incisors!

7. Domestic rabbits can breed with cottontails. Our American cottontails have 21 chromosomes while the domestic breed has 22, and the European wild hare has 24! This makes interbreeding impossible!

hoppy endings and intakes

Apricot Treats

New YearSnowball is back for some more taste testing! Did you know that this cutie is adoptable and looking for her forever home?

To read more about snowball read her bio here.

Snowball looks forward to taste testing treat recipes and enjoys trying out new fruits! This Apricot Treat recipe was a hit with her.

Apricot Treats
• 1 apricot
• 1/4 cup ground pellets
• 1/4 cup ground oats
• 1 tsp honey

Purée the apple using a food processor and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (makes for easy cleanup). Bake at 325°F for 30 minutes. Turn off oven and let them fully dry in the oven. Once dry, break into bunny sized treats.

hoppy endings and intakes

Seven bunnies found their forever home last month: Chester, Ivana, Norman, Mathias, Stella, Brennan, and Shilo,

Our newcomers last month are: Nova, Cassie, Todd, Snowflake, Elbert, Alice, Marti, Roger, and Kincaid.

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

Foster Homes

The foster program is an essential part of our mission. Without our dedicated foster families we wouldn't be able to help the many rabbits we do each year. Providing a foster home for one of these rabbits can be a very rewarding experience and literally saves a life!

MCRS will supply all the equipment you will need - cage, litterbox, litter, food & hay. MCRS also covers any medical expenses for foster rabbits. Your only out-of-pocket expense is for the fresh greens & veggies you feed your foster rabbit - and even that is a tax-deductible donation!

All you need is:
•a space in your home for a cage & some play space for the rabbit.
•an hour or so daily to provide socialization and care.
•a willingness to learn about the proper care of rabbits.
•convenient access to email is strongly preferred.
•ability to transport rabbit to periodic adoption events is preferred, but not required.

Please contact MCRS at info@mncompanionrabbit.org if you are able to help. Thank you!

Volunteers are not just important to MCRS, they literally are MCRS. Volunteers do everything that needs to be done within the organization from picking up the mail to caring for homeless rabbits to keeping financial records to scooping litter boxes.

Interested in Volunteering? See all of our available volunteer positions on our website.

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Special events
•Mar 9 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
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see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


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To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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