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Why It Is Dangerous to Keep a Pet Rabbit Outdoors

It's no secret to a lot of us that rabbits make wonderful pets, but if you've never had a rabbit before and you are thinking about getting one knowing more about them as pets and what to expect is important. Each month we will be sharing a video that features Actress Amy Sedaris, who is a loving mom to her own pet bunny, and rabbit expert Augy E. Cotter, Ed.D., LVT from the House Rabbit Society.

In this Month's video, learn why it is dangerous to keep a pet rabbit outdoors.


latest hoppenings

Atlanta Confiscation

AtlantaBy: Barb Kelley

In late July 2015 a petting zoo outside Atlanta, Georgia had 200+ rabbits removed by the humane officers. They were living outdoors without proper shelter, food, or water and many needed extensive medical attention. The local shelter and House Rabbit Society took charge and not only provided needed care but spay/neutered every one.

Thankfully because they were used for a petting zoo they were neglected, but not frightened or abused. They were accustomed to human contact and still had happy carefree personalities. Six weeks of good nutrition and indoor living and the change is amazing. The Animal Humane Society was contacted about helping but this time they were not able. MCRS stepped up and offered to take in 20 buns. Barb Kelley who was driving south anyway volunteered to make the trip and keep them overnight. Barb, Shannon, Julie, and Lou with all the equipment MCRS owns spent the week before turning Barb's house into "rabbit central." She has 13 of her own rabbits and the transport made 33.

On Saturday, September 12 Barb and her van of rabbits left Georgia heading north arriving home at 3:40AM. Shannon and Sheila were waiting to unload the rabbits and get them settled in their temporary homes. Sunday morning at 10AM the MCRS triage team arrived to begin weighing, health checking, micro chipping, and nail trimming the new arrivals. At noon the foster homes and rides to Petco stores arrived to take them to the next destination.

Now two weeks later all have settled in and been listed on Petfinder. They attended their first adoption event this past Saturday. I can't wait to see who gets adopted first.

Whole Foods Market Announces the End of Rabbit Meat Sales

September 15, 2015: Rabbit Advocacy Network, House Rabbit Society, and SaveABunny, on behalf of tens of thousands of house rabbit lovers, are thrilled to announce the end of rabbit meat sales at Whole Foods Market (WFM).

Whole Foods Market's sale of rabbit meat began in Summer 2014 as a pilot program and drew widespread criticism from pet lovers across the nation, attracting dozens of protests at their stores as well as a petition signed by over 50,000 people.

A House Rabbit Society member and long-time Whole Foods shareholder traveled 800 miles to attend the annual Whole Foods Market Shareholders Meeting in Charlotte, NC today to speak on behalf of the bunnies being killed for the grocery chain’s meat case. She does not consider herself an activist, but felt strongly that the shareholders meeting would be an integral outlet to bring up her concerns as both an investor in the company as well as a lover of pets. After her heartfelt plea to the Whole Foods leadership team, she was told by Whole Foods’ Chief Operating Officer, A.C. Gallo, that Whole Foods had decided to cease the sales of all rabbits by the end of 2015.

According to the 2012 American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Owners Survey, 2.5 million households now live with rabbits, who are now the nation’s third most popular (behind cats and dogs) furry pet. Their 2009-2010 survey found that 6,678,000 rabbits were kept as pets in the United States in 2010, and that number continues to increase.

For more information and for the rest of the article click here.


Blessing of the Animals

Do you have a pet that is dear to you? Bethel Luthern Church will have a special service for blessing your dear ones.

Saturday, October 10th at 10:10am
Bethel Luthern Church
4120 17th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Weather permitting, the service will commence on the East Lawn on 17th Ave. If the weather does not cooperate, the service will be in the gym..

hoppy endings and intakes

Six bunnies found their forever home last month: Rio, Taleulah, Thomas, Penelope, Monroe, and Marshmallow.

Our newcomers last month are: Zeus, Gilmore, Haze, Foster, Bowie, Castro, Brennan, Shilo, Kayla, Roxanne, Andreas, Charlotte, Ritter, Carol, Athena, Raina, Ivana, Tootsie Pop, Magee, Fitz, Buttons, Willow, Rico, Kimchi, and Pebbles.

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

Foster Homes

The foster program is an essential part of our mission. Without our dedicated foster families we wouldn't be able to help the many rabbits we do each year. Providing a foster home for one of these rabbits can be a very rewarding experience and literally saves a life!

MCRS will supply all the equipment you will need - cage, litterbox, litter, food & hay. MCRS also covers any medical expenses for foster rabbits. Your only out-of-pocket expense is for the fresh greens & veggies you feed your foster rabbit - and even that is a tax-deductible donation!

All you need is:
•a space in your home for a cage & some play space for the rabbit.
•an hour or so daily to provide socialization and care.
•a willingness to learn about the proper care of rabbits.
•convenient access to email is strongly preferred.
•ability to transport rabbit to periodic adoption events is preferred, but not required.

Please contact MCRS at info@mncompanionrabbit.org if you are able to help. Thank you!

Volunteers are not just important to MCRS, they literally are MCRS. Volunteers do everything that needs to be done within the organization from picking up the mail to caring for homeless rabbits to keeping financial records to scooping litter boxes.

Interested in Volunteering? See all of our available volunteer positions on our website.

All media, please contact Shelley Chirhart, MCRS Public Relations & Marketing Manager at info@mncompanionrabbit.org or 651-768-9755.

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see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


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Did you know that in addition to hay and pellets we have a lot of other great items for sale?


simple rewards

Looking for a healthy tasty treat for your rabbit? Look no further. Simple Rewards has tasty dried fruits and vegetables. Pick up a bag or three next time you stop in. Flavors: Strawberry, Banana, and Veggie.

To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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