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MCRS celebrates Give Local America!

Give LocalToday is Give Local America, a nationwide celebration of 24 hours of giving. This is the first year that Minnesota is participating, and GiveMN users and nonprofits will benefit. To help ignite generosity, sometime during May 5, five lucky donors will get a $1000 "Local Lift" added to their donation!

To kick off this new event, MCRS has set a goal to have 15 donors! Please help us get there by making a donation at our GiveMN page, or by spreading the word to your family and friends. Your donations will help us to continue our care for the foster rabbits, provide education through classes like Bunny Basics and Agility, and to host fun events like Hoppy Hour. Thank you for your support for #GiveLocal15!


We're So Small Compared to Our Hearts

By: Kevin Krein

The most common question that my wife and I are asked about why we live with rabbits is simply, "Why rabbits?" "Why not a dog or a cat?"

I used to be afraid of dogs—until quite recently, actually. So four years ago, when the discussion adopting a companion animal started, dogs were kind of out of the question at that time. And cats? Well we are both horribly allergic to cats.

But why rabbits?

Read the rest of the article.

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What Is the Best Diet for a Rabbit?

It's no secret to a lot of us that rabbits make wonderful pets, but if you've never had a rabbit before and you are thinking about getting one knowing more about them as pets and what to expect is important. Each month we will be sharing a video that features Actress Amy Sedaris, who is a loving mom to her own pet bunny, and rabbit expert Mayy E. Cotter, Ed.D., LVT from the House Rabbit Society.

In this Month's video, learn about the best diet for a rabbit.


Rabbits are generally fairly easy to care for. They require fresh hay to eat at all times and timothy or orchard grass hay pellets daily. A rabbit's diet must include leafy green vegetables, such as romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro and dandelion leaves. You may also offer small portions of fruit as special treats. Fresh water must always be available in bottles or dishes. Read more about the recommended diet for bunnies including a great list of verggies.

Grow Your Own Greens

Ever thought about growing a garden for your rabbit (or you)? Whether you are new to the gardening world or have limited space, a great and easy way to grow vegetables is in containers. Yes, so easy even YOU can do it!

Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry, the good news is that herbs can be among the easiest plants to grow yourself. This year why not give it a try? You don't need a big yard, just a few pots on your deck or patio can get you started.

Check out some of these great resources and get growing today. Your rabbit will thank you! Your bun also will provide you with an endless amount of some great natural fertilizer!

Bunny Gardening for Beginners from My House Rabbit.A Rabbit's Garden from Triangle Rabbits.

hoppy endings and intakes

The MN Companion Rabbit Society Presents...

Bunnies & Bluegrass!

Support MCRS at Bunnies & Bluegrass and enjoy live music, a silent auction, food, and beverages!

Saturday, June 6th, 2015
6 to 8 p.m.
Nechville Muscial Products
9700 Humbolt Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55431

See our flyer for additional information.

in remembrance


SophieSophie was adopted with her sister Annabell in May of 2012. She had been up for adoption and in foster homes with MCRS for around four years before she came to live with Wendy and Kevin who gave her a forever home. She always struggled with some health issues like bladder sludge and extra weight, but she had high spirits and was very, very funny. On February 22nd, 2015, Sophie passed away unexpectedly during what was supposed to be a routine procedure to her teeth floated at the vet's office. Her family misses her so, but remember what a smart, funny, and unique girl she was.


Comet was a gentle, shy, and lovable New Zealand white bun with a wonderful, quirky personality. His favorite things in life were treats and his many stuffed toys. In fact, his best buddy was a stuffed toy bunny named Mr. Bunnyton, whom Comet groomed regularly. Comet will be remembered for his love of playing beneath blankets and sometimes trying to chew his way through them. A handful of times, he got stuck midway through, and I'd find him sheepishly wearing a blanket like a skirt. I think Comet lived in his own little world for much of his life. Comet was affectionately called "The Grumpus" for many years. He never liked other rabbits, but for a while lived peacefully next to Baxter bunny, though they never bonded. Comet was known for his long-standing grudges after grooming and nail trims, but he always took treats from anyone's hand with great care & gentleness. He loved especially cucumber, mint, and dandelions. Comet's golden years brought out his loving, affectionate side, and he enjoyed getting petted and simply observing life as it unfolded. He will be hugely missed by his family.

hoppy endings and intakes

Nine bunnies found their forever home last month: Frankie, Grace, Opal, Allison, Kiki, Indy, Nero, Vivian, and Cookie.

Our newcomers last month are: Nero, Thunder, Louie, Madison, and Petunia.

See all of our adoptable rabbits on Petfinder.com.

open volunteer positions

South Saint Paul Supply Sales

Looking for a chance to help out? South Saint Paul is looking for some volunteers to help out with the supply sales. Even if dealing with money is not your cup of tea, we do need an extra hand bagging hay and pellets. Hoppy Hour is from 6:30 to 8:30pm every Wednesday and ever other Sunday (opposite of Golden Valley) from 1 to 3pm. No experience is necessary; we have lots of people who can help you. We have a sign up sheet online, so you can check your calendar and see what works for you. The more volunteers the better.

If you can help out please let us know! Please e-mail Info@MNCompanionRabbit.Org and we'll be in touch.

Volunteers are not just important to MCRS, they literally are MCRS. Volunteers do everything that needs to be done within the organization from picking up the mail to caring for homeless rabbits to keeping financial records to scooping litter boxes.

Interested in Volunteering? See all of our available volunteer positions on our website.

All media, please contact Shelley Chirhart, MCRS Public Relations & Mayketing Manager at info@mncompanionrabbit.org or 651-768-9755.

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Special events
•May 7 Bunny Basics in Woodbury
•May 8 HH in Uptown
•May 10 HH in Golden Valley
•May 11 Bunny Basics in Golden Valley
•May 13 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•May 16 Adoption Event in SSP
•May 17 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•May 20 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•May 22 HH in Uptown
•May 24 HH in Golden Valley
•May 27 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•May 30 Adoption Event in SSP
•May 31 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•June 3 HH & Supply Sales in SSP
•June 4 Bunny Basics in Woodbury
•June 5 HH in Uptown
•June 7 HH in Golden Valley

see our website for the full calendar and additional information.


  supply sales

Did you know that in addition to hay and pellets we have a lot of other great items for sale?


simple rewards

Cottontail Cottages or Hopper Hideaway: Looking for something new for your rabbit to play in? This may be the answer. These cardboard houses offer them something to explore and to chew on. They are easy to assemble, and last for a fairly long time.

To purchase supplies from our South Saint Paul location, check our events calendar for the next supply sale!


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Fun facts! Did you know...?

Rabbits can see behind them, but have blind spot in front of their face.