What does it mean to be a Bunny Bestie?

Bunny Bestie logoBunny Besties are friends who see the world through compassionate eyes. We believe that the idea that some souls matter less is the root of all that is wrong in our world. We work together to spread kindness through our volunteering together.

Some of us stand upright on two legs and some of us prefer to be on all fours. Honestly though, it does not matter how we stand on this earth because we stand for the same principles in this life. We stand together in compassion and in service to others.

Bunny Besties share the mission to live a life of compassion and to show kindness and love to the most vunerable in our society. We understand being vunerable because so many of us have felt used and abused by this harsh world. Especially our sweet bunny friends, who are often wrongly seen as just a product for human consumption; for fur, for meat or for testing. It is wrong through the eyes of the compassionate soul and it goes against the true spirit of friendship.

Through friendship the Bunny Besties work hard to educate the world on what rabbits and humans truly can be together. Never underestimate the healing power of the therapy rabbit with the right human partner. The work we do in hospitals, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s units, universities,  elementary schools, homeless shelters and libraries can change the world through one act of kindness at a time. We are teaching children to be kind to bunnies and to people. We are teaching that we are all friends. That in itself will bring some much needed change to this harsh world we live in.

So I say to you today to enter the world as a Bunny Bestie. Be someone who is kind hearted and treats all of God’s creatures with love. Believe all soul’s are equivalent. This means that no matter how many feet we use to walk on this earth that we all matter and we can all make a difference.  

So my challenge for you is this. Embrace the power today of the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac and have the courage to live it’s principles. Walk this planet from this day forward more grounded in the principles of the bunny. Ground yourself to this earth and all its inhabitants with graciousness, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, tenderness and elegance.  

These qualities of the Bunny Bestie can change the world. Have courage and go forward. A movement has begun…Please like if you join us.  ♡

With gratitude, Jennifer S. – Your Bunny Bestie