Rabbit Care

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MCRS has several brochures that cover different educational topics:

  • Living with Rabbits This document covers the basics of what it means to live with a companion rabbit.
  • Toys for Bunnies This document gives you examples of toys that are sure to keep your bunny entertained while you are away.
  • Food for Rabbits This document covers what foods are good and bad for your rabbit.
  • Handling your Rabbit This document describes, with photos, the proper way to pick up and hold your rabbit.
  • Basic Care for Rabbits This document covers some of the basics of caring for a companion rabbit.
  • Bunny Bonding Basics This document covers steps you should take when bonding your bunny with a new bunny.
  • Rabbit-savvy Vet List This document has a listing of some rabbit-savvy vets around the Twin Cities Metro Area

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