lennytireFarewell to a pioneer, an ambassador, and a dear friend.

An aged rabbit has left this world leaving behind a legacy of accomplishments. Lenny was Barb’s first foster paving the way for the 85 who have followed after him. Andrea sent his photo with the words “Can you say no to this face”? The rest is history.

When someone would ask if the rabbits can do this or that Lenny’s answer was always “Of course I can do that. Let me show you”. He was one of the first agility rabbits and one of a handful of red band bunnies. He could be told to sit from 20 feet away and would stay until told to move. He attended the first rabbit therapy event at Augustana senior residence in 2008 . From there he was registered with Pet Partners and spent the next 7 years visiting seniors, Children’s Hospital, and people with disabilities.

Always patient, kind, and interactive Lenny was a master fund raiser, educator, and entertainer.  He represented MCRS at pet expos, TV shoots, educational events, Walk for  Animals , and countless other events. He outlived 4 bond mates and is celebrated in the hearts of so many.  He rode in glory to win 2 dog contests as Lenny-Raci.

In celebration of his life Lenny would like all of you to enjoy his music video created to challenge Grumpy Cat as internet king. https://vimeo.com/103095727

And always remember Yes indeed Rabbits can do that.