cometComet was a gentle, shy, and lovable New Zealand white bun with a wonderful, quirky personality. His favorite things in life were treats and his many stuffed toys. In fact, his best buddy was a stuffed toy bunny named Mr. Bunnyton, whom Comet groomed regularly. Comet will be remembered for his love of playing beneath blankets and sometimes trying to chew his way through them. A handful of times, he got stuck midway through, and I’d find him sheepishly wearing a blanket like a skirt. I think Comet lived in his own little world for much of his life. Comet was affectionately called “The Grumpus” for many years. He never liked other rabbits, but for a while lived peacefully next to Baxter bunny, though they never bonded. Comet was known for his long-standing grudges after grooming and nail trims, but he always took treats from anyone’s hand with great care & gentleness. He loved especially cucumber, mint, and dandelions. Comet’s golden years brought out his loving, affectionate side, and he enjoyed getting petted and simply observing life as it unfolded. He will be hugely missed by his family.