Meet the Team

Meet the Team

MCRS Board of Directors

We are currently seeking a MCRS President!

Are you interested in helping educate the public about and finding forever homes for rabbits?  Learn more about the open President position and apply here!

Cindy Cameron, Treasurer

Cindy has had pet rabbits for almost 20 years. She fell in love with her first rabbit, Diddle, a gift from a neighbor. Diddle taught her what great pets house rabbits can be. Ever since, she can’t imagine her life without one. Currently, she has three single rabbits, all adopted from MCRS. She also shares her home with two large dogs and two chinchillas. She became a member of MCRS in 2005 and began volunteering a year later as the Bookkeeper and Membership Coordinator. She really appreciates the passion of all the volunteers who support the mission of MCRS with their hard work and time. She also sincerely thanks all the thoughtful donors, whom without their financial contributions, MCRS would not be able to rescue, foster, provide veterinary care, and eventually re-home the bunnies with their forever families.

Rich Lancello, DVM

Dr. Lancello obtained his degree from the University of Minnesota Veterinary School and has been practicing in the Twin Cities area since 1988. He has been a recommended veterinarian of the House Rabbit Society and the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society since 1994. Dr. Lancello continues to maintain his rabbit knowledge by regularly attending seminars offering the latest in rabbit medicine. He does not have a rabbit, but does have a dog, two cats, and two turtles.

HannahHannah Kamath, Secretary

Hannah is an avid animal lover who is passionate about placing animals in forever homes and works to apply her passion through the MCRS. She has over five years of non profit experience including everything from volunteering to financial management. She loves all rabbits and believes each one of them deserves a loving, enriching and healthy forever home. When Hannah isn’t volunteering for the MCRS she enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with her two dogs and chickens.

MaryMary Althaus, Board Member & Foster Home Lead

I was nineteen when a neighborhood rabbit decided to adopt my family. He moved into our home, ate what we ate, and slept where we slept. He used a litter box in the back entryway. Needless to say, he wasn’t neutered, and he ate all the wrong things. In time, we could tell he had become ill. We took him to the vet, but he crossed the bridge on the operating table. That was a long, long time ago. Since then, I have always had a fondness for bunnies. Years later, I bought a wonderful bunny from a pet store. At the time, resources like MCRS did not exist. Again, I did pretty much everything wrong.  Over the years, I have learned a lot, and I am passionate about helping people avoid making same the mistakes I made. Although there is still a lot of work to do to educate people about rabbits’ needs, we have come so far since those first two bunnies made their ways into my life. MCRS and all the volunteers are laying ground for future generations of bunnies and their human families. I am proud to be a part of this effort.


Leah Gannon, Board Member & Grant Writing Coordinator

Leah has a background in science and education. She started volunteering with MCRS at the Highland Park Petco in 2007 as a Rabbit Socializer, and adopted Wilson the mini-rex in 2008. She began volunteering as the grant writing coordinator in 2008. She and her husband also have two retired racing greyhounds and a 30-year-old box turtle.


MCRS Leadership Team

Holly LangHolly Lang, Adoption Director

Holly has worked in the Animal Welfare world for over 15 years and brings her passion and knowledge of all animals but especially her love of rabbits. Before coming to MCRS, Holly worked at the Animal Humane Society in the Veterinary Services Department. Twenty years ago Holly’s first rabbit, named Oatmeal, was the start of her interest in learning more about what makes a house rabbit happy. Holly enjoys working with the many talented volunteers of MCRS and helping the rabbits that come through the program on their way to a better life. In addition to being the Adoption Director for MCRS, Holly runs a small pet sitting business, Mazie and Me, and bunny sits for many MCRS members and adopters.

Barb and bunsBarb Kelley, Rabbit Agility Coordinator

Barb Kelley has been actively involved in the Minneapolis/St. Paul rabbit community since 2005. She is affiliated with Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS), Animal Humane Society (AHS), Pet Partners (registered therapy animals) , and R.E.A.D (Reading Education Assistance Dogs).

Barb teaches rabbit agility for MCRS at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley and was instrumental in the creation and development of Hoppy Hour (an open socializing time for rabbits and their families). She coordinates all Hoppy Hour activities at Golden Valley.

Barb provides special foster care to rabbits with fear, aggression, or behavioral problems giving them a safe environment to heal and prepare for adoption. Barb also leads a very committed team of rabbits and their families who are involved in community service. Utilizing the wealth of rabbit care information prepared by Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society Barb and her friends offer a rabbit educational program to youth groups, day camps, university classes, and schools. You can also find them sharing their time at nursing homes, Children’s Hospital, and programs for people with special needs bringing smiles to people who need comfort and warmth. She and her rabbits participate in the R.E.A.D. program helping children struggling with their reading skills.

Barb supervises rabbit dates, transports and treats rabbits with health concerns, and grooms long haired rabbits. She spent several years on MCRS email duty so has the  knowledge to respond to rabbit related questions and concerns. She and her rabbits can be found representing MCRS at  Pet Expos, the AHS Walk For Animals, Pride Festival, and community celebrations.

Rob Casey, Petco Coordinator
In 2013 he joined MCRS as a foster home provider and rabbit socialization volunteer at Petco Coon Rapids. Eventually he became lead volunteer at Coon Rapids then moved on to be the Petco Coordinator. Along the way he assitsted with Foster Home application screening and the MCRS Facebook auction. He is also the current lead volunteer at Eden Prairie Petco, where there is a highly dedicated group of rabbit socializers who devote so much of their free time to attend to the well-being of homeless rabbits.
When he isn’t volunteering or playing with his own bunnies Rob enjoys advancing his IT career and making music with the MN Vikigns Skol Line drumline, where he has performed since the 2009 season.

Judy Carter, Adoption Event Coordinator

Erica and BailaErica Pointer Kobett, South St. Paul Lead

A few years back, about 2010, Erica and her kids walked into the Roseville Petco and saw a young couple sitting in a metal fence with bunnies hopping around. First Contact! Her daughter Katie had already had a house bunny for six years and Jessica had Zeus for just a few months, but Erica discovered that she was actually  pretty much uneducated about things rabbity. They were basically doing everything wrong! From daily huge cabbage leaves to a wire bottom cage! But…

That contact with the Socializers brought her to the first Hoppy Hours in South Saint Paul and she and the girls became part of an amazing rabbit/human family in MCRS. Since that fateful day Erica has become a Socialzer and then the Lead of the same Petco, since January of 2011. With a background in working in a whippet kennel, extensive work with ferrets, and a bit of vet tech school in 1993 before the kids came along, she began to trim nails, clean scent glands and groom the bunnies at Hoppy Hour. Bouncing was next on the list! She loves rabbits more than she ever realized possible and with her current work in Animal Communication, has discovered they respond to ‘chats’, as she calls them, and even a bit of reiki energy work, and craniosacral therapy and massage. It is her passion to talk to the little sick and scared rabbits that come to MCRS and offers Animal Communication to the public as a part of her wellness business.
She is now the Lead at South Saint Paul mainly with educating the public about bunny health and behavior, training Bouncers for Hoppy Hours and trimming nails and cleaning bunny butts! She loves bunny butts!
Kelsie Matz, Email/Voicemail Coordinator
Tracy Richardson, Supply Sales Coordinator