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The votes are in and Cricket is our winner!

Stay tuned for news on what Cricket’s first plan of action
will be in the online battle of RABBITS vs CATS.

Photo Credit: Barbara O’Brien

For those of you who missed the voting period, we’ve decided to keep up the page.

Bring on the Bunnies

Now let's meet our contestants.


Name: Geronimo.
Alias: Sideburns, Mountainman, Ewok
Breed: Lionhead
Weight: 4 lbs
Trait: Spontaneous
Rival: Maru

Most Overhyped Cat Video: Nyan Cat

Personality Traits:
Slow and steady wins this race. What Geronimo lacks in speed and agility, he makes up for in flair. He’s unpredictable. Let him off the leash and he’ll let it fly.

Intriguing Facts or Story:
Geronimo doesn’t tolerate cellphone talkers. If you’re on the wrong side of a one-sided conversation, be ready for some loud thumping from our furry friend. He’ll keep bringing his foot down until you hang up.

Why Vote for Me?
You know when your colleague shows you a video and keeps saying “wait for it, wait for it…” Yeah, Geronimo was born for those videos. He’ll be looking for a Vine agent in no time if he wins this contest. Only requirement is that the agent lets Geronimo call him/her Hare-y Maguire.



Name: Cricket
Alias: Anna Nicole Smith, Baby Girl
Breed: Standard Rex
Weight: A lady never tells
Trait: Just Look At Me
Rival: Snoopy The Cat

Least Favorite Cat Video: Kitten Vs. Watermelon

Personality Traits:
Cricket delivers epic, epic binkies that defy gravity. She can go from mid-air binky, to flat as a pancake on the floor, begging for a petting in half a nanosecond. Because for Cricket, adoration and attention ALWAYS trumps a binky.

Bunny Bio:
Cricket is the Anna Nicole Smith of bunnies: big and beautiful. Softer than a cloud, she’s a Standard Rex, the breed the Velveteen Rabbit was written about. She’s MCRS’s ambassador-in-training and is known rabbit worldwide for her wicked sideways karate-kick binky with some SERIOUS air-time.

Why Vote for Me?
She is Beyonce’s spirit animal. Enough said.



Name: Lenny
Alias: Leonard (only when naughty)
Breed: Velveteen Lop
Weight: 5 lbs
Rival: Little Bub

Most Overhyped Cat Video: Keyboard Cat

Personality Traits:
Lenny is patient, tolerant and the life of the party. He’s silly, relaxed, laid back and willing to try anything once (or twice).

Intriguing Facts or Story:
Lenny is a working model and actor. He’s a therapy and show bun for many charity organizations, attends any fair he can get himself too and this spring he won “Best in Show” in the Doggy Drag Show at Minneapolis Pride (even though he’s a rabbit).

Why vote for me?
You know those memes with Ryan Gosling that say “Hey Girl”? Lenny started that. He even goes by Rabbit Gosling in some circles. As leader of the Rabbit Internet Revolution, Lenny promises to launch Tinder for Bunnies in his first 90 days.



Name: Greyshorts
Alias: Sir Humps-a-lot
Breed: Magpie Harlequin
Weight: 4.7 lbs
Trait: Adores Attention
Rival: Pudge The Cat

Most Overhyped Cat Video: Pudge in a Tub

Personality Traits:
Greyshorts loves a good cheek rub and will wind up his ears to prove it. He’ll also spin for a tasty Craisin.

Intriguing Facts or Story:
Upon adoption from AHS, Greyshorts was scared of heights. He’s overcome his phobia by leaps and bounds. Known far and wide as a very skilled agility bunny, he’s not afraid to go leashless. To top it all off, he loves math and has a strong urge to multiply.

Why Vote for Me?
Baby and kitten pictures in your Facebook news feed are like so 2011, guys. The Internet needs a new source of “awwww” and Greyshorts is the rabbit for the job. He also has connections at emoji and vows to make erabbitcons a thing as his first order of business.



Name: Harvey
Alias: Casper, Little Olympian
Breed: Jersey Wooly
Weight: 2 ½ - 3 ibs
Trait: Agility Master
Rival: Grumpy Cat

Most Overhyped Cat Video: All of them

Personality Traits:
Harvey is intelligent, agile and an ambassador of friendship. In addition to his career as a diplomat, Harvey also works as a therapy rabbit, bonding well with other rabbits as well as friends on two legs.

Intriguing Facts or Story:
Harvey has been taking agility classes since the age of one, excelling, accelerating and never stopping. And, he’ll come hopping when he hears the word, “Carrots.” He has also loved and lost – falling for a bun named Sadie who passed, but he know has eyes for a younger Lionhead named Lily.

Why Vote for Me?
Imagine when the iPhone 6 comes out and it’s not really that different than the last iPhone. Or fast-forward to next year when your friends tweet Game Of Thrones spoilers like real jerks. Harvey is the rabbit you want in these reaction GIFs.