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Misty Rose
Bunny with hay

MCRS Supply Sales

Every bunny needs a steady supply of food pellets and hay. In the Twin Cities area, you can buy these supplies from MCRS and support our education and adoption efforts at the same time.

MCRS features two kinds of pellets: one alfalfa-based and the other Timothy-based. Timothy and orchard grass hays are also available. All MCRS hay and pellets sold are Oxbow Animal Health products.

Hay and food pellets are sold by the pound-so you can buy as much or as little as you want. Please bring your own container, like a Rubbermaid bin, with you at the time of purchase. For hay purchases, please note that the number of gallons the container will hold is slightly higher than the number of pounds of hay it will hold. For example, a 33-gallon container holds about 25 pounds of hay and a 14-gallon container holds about 10 pounds.

Selected Bunnydale items are also available at these locations.


Hay and food pellets are currently available at our South Saint Paul location. South St Paul is open during all publicly scheduled events, which occur at least once a week. Check the event calendar to see when the next event is scheduled.

We are looking for volunteers to staff the South St. Paul supply site, which is located in our office/event suite. The more volunteers we get, the more hours this location will be available for public sales. We are also looking for volunteers to host a supply site in their home. If you have an interest, please contact us for more information.


Rest assured, you get one of the best buys in town! As a comparison, the average price for 48 ounces of Timothy hay at a local pet store is $13. Compare that to the low cost of around $4.50 from MCRS! And remember, you supply the container so you can purchase the amount of hay right for you and your rabbit.

    Price (Including Tax)

Alfalfa-based pellets (Oxbow Essentials - Young Rabbit Food)


$65/50lb bag (while supplies last)

$33/25lb bag

Timothy-based pellets (Oxbow Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food aka "BBT")


$65/50lb bag (while supplies last)

$33/25lb bag


Timothy or Orchard Grass Hay (Oxbow)


$75/50lb box

Other Items Available

  • Toys, ranging in price from $2.50-$17.50
  • Seagrass Mats and Willow Tunnels
  • Crocks, Water Bottles, and Litterboxes
  • Grooming Tools and Harnesses
  • Books and Giftware

All prices are before applicable sales taxes, except where noted.

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