Before you adopt

Adopting a rabbit is a big decision and should be carefully considered. When you adopt a rabbit, you are making a commitment to love, care for, and protect the rabbit for its entire life—which could be over 10 years!

We don’t suggest getting a rabbit (or any animal, for that matter) as a gift for another person. The best way to get someone a rabbit as a gift, is to help them through the process of adopting. That way, they get educated on proper rabbit care and behavior, and can decide which rabbit is the best companion for their lifestyle. You can always contact MCRS and let us know that you’d like to pay the adoption fee as your gift.

Like any pet, rabbits make wonderful companions for the right people. Before adopting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you patient?
  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Do you enjoy watching the movements and learning the language of another species?
  • Does your schedule include plenty of time at home?
  • Are you comfortable spending a lot of time on the floor?
  • Are you prepared to share your furniture with your pet?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then keep reading. A rabbit could be right for you.

Rabbit Facts

  • Rabbits can be litterbox trained.
  • They can live to be 8-­12 years old, or more.
  • Rabbits are inquisitive, sociable animals.
  • They make wonderful indoor companions.
  • Rabbits can purr when contented.
  • Like cats and dogs, rabbits need to be spayed or neutered to improve health and behavior.
  • Most rabbits do not like to be held. They prefer to sit beside you.
  • Rabbits like to play with toys. Some examples can be found in our Toys for Bunnies [link] brochure. Rabbits need to have things of their own to chew on (or they might nibble on your stuff).
  • Rabbits need to be protected from predators, poisons, temperature extremes, electrical cords, and rough handling.

12 Things to Consider Before You Adopt

  1. Which adult(s) in the family will be the primary caretaker(s)?
  2. Are you prepared for a possible 10­year commitment to this rabbit?
  3. Does everyone in your family want a rabbit?
  4. Are you prepared to provide proper veterinary care for your rabbit, including any necessary vet visits?
  5. Is anyone in your home allergic to rabbits or hay?
  6. Do you have an appropriate indoor pen/cage and supplies?
  7. Is your home able to be sufficiently “bunny­proofed”?
  8. Do you currently have animals that could endanger the rabbit?
  9. Have you had a rabbit before? Where is it now?
  10. Will you be able to supervise any children around this rabbit?
  11. Are you allowed to have rabbits in your house/apartment?
  12. If you move, get married, have a baby, or if the kids lose interest, are you prepared to keep your rabbit?

Please make a list of questions you have regarding care and handling of rabbits, and make sure all your questions are answered by knowledgeable people prior to adopting your rabbit. MCRS can help answer those questions at any of our events or by contacting us at or 651-768-9755.


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