Adoption Process

Adoption Process

MCRS encourages potential adopters to read all they can about what to expect from living with a rabbit—their common behaviors, dietary needs, grooming needs, how to handle them safely, health concerns, housing options, the importance of toys, and even tips for dealing with challenging behaviors. All of this information can be found in the Education section of the MCRS website.

What is the adoption process?

  1. Get an adoption information kit from your local Petco store or fill out our online application.
  2. After you have read the information, fill out our adoption application. If you are planning to bond the foster rabbit to your own rabbit(s), please be sure this is noted on your application.
  3. An MCRS Adoption Volunteer will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your application,
    answer any questions you may have, and to help determine which rabbit(s) might be best suited to your situation. Below are a few points to be aware of:

    • All adult members of the household must agree to the adoption.
    • Any current rabbits must be spayed/neutered unless the rabbit is not sexually mature yet or your vet will state that there is a medical reason that the rabbit should not undergo surgery.
    • Any other pets must be safe for the rabbit (well trained, separate housing, or similar).
    • Any minor children must be mature enough to interact appropriately with the rabbit.
    • The adopted rabbit must have adequate run time in the new home.
    • If you’re interested in bonding the new rabbit to a current rabbit, we require at least one meeting or “bunny date” between the two rabbits prior to adoption.
    • If the adopter rents, approval from their landlord is required.
  4. All new adopters must attend the free Bunny Basics class, provided by MCRS. If you’ve adopted from us in the past year, this class is not required.
  5. Once approved, you will be scheduled for an Adoption Event to meet with any rabbit(s) you are interested in. Please be sure that all members of your family are present, so you know that the family and rabbit are a good fit. Our adoption events are currently scheduled every other Saturday. Assuming that all has gone well at the event, you can complete the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee and take home your new companion that day!
  6. If you are bonding rabbits, dates will occur during an MCRS adoption event.

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society is a volunteer-based group and once we receive your completed application, the adoption process can take a couple of weeks to complete. If you are interested in adopting a rabbit, fill out the application to start the process.

How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee for each rabbit is $80.00 (plus tax). This fee is nonrefundable because adoption fees help to cover costs involved in caring for a rabbit prior to his/her adoption. Each rabbit receives a medical exam, behavioral assessment, spay/neuter surgery, and a microchip ID. In addition to daily care, foster rabbits benefit from socialization and litter-box training during their stay with MCRS. The following is a conservative estimate of the average costs involved in preparing each rabbit for adoption:

  • Veterinary exam: $70
  • Neuter/Spay: $50
  • Microchip ID: $5
  • Fostering Expenses: $50 (average 3­4 month stay)
  • Total Expenses: $175—But your adoption fee is only $80.00 per rabbit!

MCRS is a private, nonprofit organization. We are entirely reliant upon donations in order to operate and receive no government or other public funding. The adoption fees collected help cover some of the costs involved with providing care for the animals and preparing an animal for placement into a new home.

 What information will I get with my new rabbit?


You can also find more information in our Bunny Basics section from the menu above.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless rabbit! If you’d like to apply now, please go to our online adoption application.


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